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Accelerate/Brake Slider

This input device enables the driver to comfortably and easily brake and accelerate by hand with minimal effort. The accelerate/brake slider is standard supplied with a 3-pin device but is also available with an L-type orthatic. The driver can determine the desired brake and accelerator action by moving the device forwards or backwards. Maximum stroke for the brake is 90 mm and for the accelerator 50 mm.

The slider is equipped with a high-quality rail, enabling operation with very little effort. Operating force can be adjusted to the requirements of the user by mounting different springs. The direction of operation of accelerate and brake is selectable by software. The accelerate/brake slider is commonly used by quadraplegics.

This product can only be used in combination with SmartBrake and SmartGas.

Advantages Accelerate/Brake Slider

  • Very Low Effort
  • Compact Device
  • High Quality Finish
  • Perfect Controllability
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