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The system is an addition to the existing brake system of the vehicle. The original brake system remains unaltered and operable by non-handicapped drivers. SmartBrake enables operation of the brakes by various handcontrols using very little force. By means of electric signals from an input device the driver can control the brake pedal of the vehicle. The system can be used in almost all sedans, vans or mini-vans.


SmartBrake becomes active as soon as the ignition is switched on. SmartBrake will first perform a start-check (self-test) to check whether all parts of the system function properly. SmartBrake consists of two almost identical branches which work continuously in parallel. This assures that the brakes will always operate even when a component fails.

By means of a custom specific input device, a signal is sent to the control units. Subsequently, the control units control the brake actuator. The brake actuator is mounted directly on the original brake pedal and is equipped with two motors.

When someone wants to drive without SmartBrake, it can be easily switched off at the start of a new journey. The system will then enter the sleep-mode and the brake actuator will no longer respond to the input device. A non-disabled driver can now safely operate the vehicle.

SmartBrake is mostly used in combination with SmartGas. This makes it possible to use a combined gas/brake input device (gas and brake operated with the same movement in the other direction).

Through the Windows pc-interface the mobility equipment dealer can tune the characteristique of the system to the vehicle and the requirements and capabilities of the driver.


SmartBrake is a fully redundant system. The system consists of two nearly identical parts which continuously work in parallel and check themselves and each other. A malfunction in one of the two parts can never result in a complete malfunction of SmartBrake. The other part ensures operability of the brake by the driver. Every fault is detected and relayed to the driver by an audio signal or a warning light.

Input devices

To operate SmartBrake, optionally in combination with a gas system, the following alternative control units are available:   

- Gas/brake slider
- Gas/brake slider with switch module
- Gas/brake stick
- Foot control
- Instructor brake

Advantages SmartBrake

  • Very reliable
  • Perfectly controllable
  • Easy to install
  • Extensive diagnostics and tuning options
  • Choice of input devices
  • In most cars applicable
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