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This adaptation makes it possible to operate the original accelerator, or an alternative input device with a minimum of effort. SmartGas is suitable for the most type of cars with an original electronic accelerator.


SmartGas is connected between the original accelerator pedal and the car's motor management. It simulates the signals from the original accelerator, to the motor management.

The input signal is provided by the original accelerator pedal, or by an alternative input device. The input device is selected automatically. After switching on the ignition, the driver selects his input device for the trip by operating the accelerator or the alternative input device first. A different input device can be selected by turning the ignition off and on again. While using the alternative inputs, the original accelerator is switched off and does not move. The operation is noiseless and there is no noticeable change to reaction time.


During braking, the output signals will be returned in the zero position. SmartGas only reacts again after the input device is put in zero position again. In this way, it is not possible to brake and accelerate at the same time. SmartGas meets all EMC requirements according to 95/54/EG, ISO 7637.

Input devices

SmartGas can be ordered with an ASU (Accelerator Sensor Unit). This is a redundant contactless input device. The ASU can be connected to your custom- made accelerator control like:

- Hand Control with Accelerator
- Knee Accelerator
- Gas Ring

When SmartGas is used together with SmartBrake the following standard input devices are available: 

- Accelerate/Brake Slider
- Accelerate/Brake Slider with Switch Module
- Accelerate/Brake Stick
Tilt pedal
- BSU (Basic Sensor Unit for Brake or Accelerator/Brake)


SmartGas is available across a wide range of vehicles. The system will be supplied with a clear concise manual and a car specific diagram. This way the system can easily be connected to the original accelerator of the vehicle. SmartGas has a Microsoft Windows interface for a simple installation and diagnostics.

Advantages SmartGas

  • Very Light Control
  • Impossible Simultaneous Operation of the Brake and Accelerator
  • Suitable for all Vehicles with an Original Electronic Accelerator
  • No Noticeable Reaction Time
  • Noiseless
  • Maintenance Free with No Mechanical Parts
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