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Electric gear shifter

This adaptation allows the automatic gearbox’ selector lever to be set in every required position by pressing two pushbuttons.

The system is comprised of a:

  • Microprocessor unit
  • Llinear motor, included a potentiometer
  • Display unit

The linear motor is connected to the selector lever. All selector-lever positions (to a maximum of 7) can be programmed in the microprocessor. The display has 7 clear lamps to indicate the lever’s position. The display is mounted on the dashboard.

The "down" pushbutton is pressed a number of times until the required position is shown by the illumination of the requisite red light in the display (P-R-N-D-3-2-1). The red light is extinguished and a green light is illuminated once the linear motor has set the lever to the required position.

 The "up" pushbutton works in the same manner, although in the reverse direction. The system can also be used with fewer than seven positions. The system will operate solely once the brake is applied.

This system is in principle suitable for all vehicles with a conventional gear selector.

For a number of modern vehicles we have the product SmartSelector available which is connected to the CAN bus of the car:
VW Transport T6.1
MB Vito W447
MB Sprinter W907 / W910

Advantages Electric gear shifter

  • Easy to Operate
  • Perfectly Controllable
  • Easy to Program
  • Reading Position via Original or External Display
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