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SmartControl enables alternative operations of the secondary functions, such as wipers, lights and indicators.  For almost all vehicle makes and models, a solution is available whether it uses CAN-Bus, Multiplex or conventional electronics to operate the secondary controls of the vehicle. SmartControl is only sold as a vehicle specific kit with vehicle specific software and a vehicle specific installation manual.


SmartControl is available in three different versions: Multiplex, Mixed Power and High Power.

Multiplex: This version is the ideal solution for cars with Can-Bus and/or LIN-bus technology. It is connected directly to the CAN-Bus and/or LIN-bus of the vehicle and enables alternative operation of the secondary functions, such as wipers, lighting and directional indicators. Time-consuming and risky modifications such as disassembling the steering column and soldering electronics are rendered a thing of the past. Four relays are available to operate additional functions in the vehicle.

Mixed Power: When additional or high-power relays are required, the “Mixed Power” module will be used. That adds twelve low power relays and five high power relays.

High Power: This version is based on the previous version of SmartControl. It is only used in older cars with many high power switches


SmartControl is approved in accordance with the guidelines from Automotive ECE R10 and ISO 7637.


An installation manual and a clear wiring diagram is supplied to aid a quick and simple connection to the vehicle. SmartControl works with a Microsoft Windows Interface for installation and diagnostics.

Advantages SmartControl

  • Enables Alternative Operation of Secondary Functions
  • Extensive Range of Compatible Vehicles
  • Works in Combination with SmartSteer
  • Eliminates Time-consuming Steering Column Modifications
  • Flexible Programming Functions
  • Microsoft Windows Interface for Installation and Diagnostics
  • Approved in Accordance with Automotive EMC 95/54/EG, ISO 7637
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