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When manual operation of the gear selector lever is no longer possible due to a physical limitation, SmartSelector offers a solution. With SmartSelector, the selector lever can be push button operated. SmartSelector communicates directly with the vehicle's CAN bus. This keeps the selector lever operable in the original way which supports an able-bodied driver.  

SmartSelector can be configured customer by customer with a standard control also available. This is based on our illuminated KeyPad, which features the symbols of the automatic gearbox. Even manual shifting (+/-) to drive safely in the mountains is integrated in this solution.

SmartSelector is currently available for:
VW Transporter 6.1
MB Vito W447
MB Sprinter W907 / W910

The configuration of the system depends on the type of vehicle. A clear manual makes installation quick and easy. Our universal Electric Gear Shifter can be used for other vehicles.

Advantages SmartSelector

  • Different Types of Operation Supported
  • Illuminated Buttons
  • OEM Controls Available
  • Speedy Installation
  • Clear and Concise Vehicle Specific Installation Instructions
  • Retained Manual Gear Selection
  • Reliable
  • EMC Approved
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