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Especially for evaluation purposes we designed the EVAL-wheel

The EVAL-wheel is a handy tool to measure the forces that people have, to operate the steering wheel. The EVAL-wheel  is an excellent aid for professionals like evaluators and driving assessors, who must decide what codes has to be put on the driving license and what adaptations are needed for the driver. The EVAL-wheel is also a good tool for car adaptation dealers to determine how much force is needed to operate the steering wheel of a vehicle.

The EVAL-wheel comes with special software which runs on a Windows device (laptop/tablet). The communication between the EVAL-wheel and the Windows device is wireless by Bluetooth. The EVAL-wheel is compact and simple to fit to an existing steering wheel and can be used in– or outside the car. This gives you flexibility to take the wheel with you and do the evaluation on different locations.  The measuring data can be saved and gives you possibilities to compare different vehicles, a person in different circumstances and over a period of time.

Forces and dimensions are available in the metric system (Newtons and centimeters) and the imperial system (LBS and inches).

Advantages Eval-wheel

  • A Unique Measuring Instrument
  • Universal Application
  • Portable
  • Calibrated Measurements
  • Measurements Directly Uploaded
  • Suitable for Steering Buttons and Gates
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