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Force Feedback

In the philosophy that driving a car needs the feel of the driver, the Joysteer system was developed to measure the forces on the wheels of the vehicle and translates these to the joystick. Many tests with disabled drivers have proved this principle.  No other system gives drivers as much confidence as Joysteer.

Swiss quality

Joysteer is an initiative from the Swiss Disability Organization ASRIM. The development took place at the University of Biel (Bern). Since 2006 Joysteer has been part of the Swiss company Bozzio AG.  Bever Car Products has been closely involved in the development of Joysteer from the beginning because of our experience in the field of special braking products. This cooperation has resulted in a unique, specialist, high-tech joystick control system.

Dutch Experience

Bever Car Products and Bozzio AG, the company behind Joysteer, have joined forces to make Joysteer available throughout Europe. After approval of the system by TÜV in 2009, Bever Car Products and Bozzio AG started a partnership to sell and market their system. They will use the European sales and distribution channels from Bever Car Products. The skills and experience of both Bever Car Products and Bozzio AG will be combined to provide optimal product support for dealers and their customers.


Bever Car Products is the distributor and service provider for the Joysteer system for the following countries:

- Netherlands
- Belgium (NL)
- Belgium (FR)
- Denmark
- Norway
- Iceland

For all other countries, please contact the team at Bozzio AG

Joysteer System Modules

The Joysteer system consists of a set of standard modules which, together with the specific customer operating system and settings, makes it unique. It is the only system with force feedback. This feature gives the driver full control of the vehicle from the start. The Joysteer system meets the highest safety standards.

Steering Sensor Module

The Steering Sensor Module forms the basis of the numerous steering options, which can be applied with Joysteer. It contains sensors that measure the steering angle and a motor that applies a counterforce (force feedback) to the driver joystick. The software makes it possible to adjust the operation angle and the force feedback to the driver.

Steering Actuator

The steering actuator is placed on the steering column just behind the original steering wheel and provides the necessary power to rotate the wheel. The motors of the actuator are positioned in such a way that each of them is strong enough to rotate the wheel, even if the original power steering fails. The steering column does not need to be modified and the airbag in the steering wheel will be retained in most cases.

Brake actuator

The brake actuator controls the brake pedal with two motors. The motors of the actuator are each strong enough to bring the car to a stop, even when the original power assist is inoperative. The foot pedal remains operative by foot. The brake actuator was developed and produced by Bever Car Products and is also used in our SmartBrake system.


To operate the cars accelerator, an electronic module was developed by Bever Car Products. This module is available for a wide range of vehicles. The module is also available as a separate product and can be used for other applications. See SmartGas.

Display Module

The display module indicates the status of the Joysteer system to the driver.

Advantages Joysteer

  • 100% Drive-by-wire system
  • Steering and Braking System for Disabled Drivers
  • Integrated Dynamic Force Feedback
  • One Solution Suits All
  • Software Individually Adaptable (full parameterization)
  • Easy to install
  • High Safety Standard
  • Approved by TÜV According to ECE-R 13H and ECE-R 79
  • Back Up Support System
  • EMC Tested (E24 certified)
  • Climate Tested to ISO 16750
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