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When the arm power is still sufficient but there is not enough grip to hold on to the steering wheel, a Tri-Pin steering grip is the solution. Bever Car Products Tri-Pin steering grip is comfortable, supports a very good grip and is customizable.

The Tri-Pin steering grip consists of 3 legs. The front leg is in a fixed position, the rear legs can be adjusted inwards and outwards and forwards and backwards. This allows the Tri-Pin steering grip to be perfectly adjustable to fit the shape of the hand.
The Tri-Pin steering grip has a locking pin, which makes it easy to insert it into the adapter. The steering wheel is light, is made of plastic and aluminum and has a beautiful, ergonomic design. The steering spindle is also used on the Accelerate/Brake slide.

When steering becomes too heavy, it is often possible to modify the power steering: Lightened Power Steering.

When it is necessary to operate the steering wheel and secondary functions with the same hand SmartSteer may be a good solution.

Advantages Tri-pin

  • Excellent Grip
  • Customizable to the Shape of the Hand
  • Nice Design
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